Pediatric Chiropractic Care &
Chiropractic for Kids

Mr. Sammy getting his first Chiropractic adjustment

Mr. Sammy getting his first Chiropractic adjustment

Miss Rylee has her priorities down solid 

Miss Rylee has her priorities down solid 


Dr. Kristen Simpson, DC has attended courses through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association to treat kids from a few hours old to the age of 100 (we know everyone will always be a kid at heart). 

A strong, healthy nervous system is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children!

From birth to developmental milestones, little ones are continuously adapting to their surroundings in ways that influence their spine and nervous system. Birth is one of the biggest first traumas in an infant's life. It is a marathon that can cause nerve dysfunction, especially on the neck, resulting in a range of issues from breathing weakness, colic, irritability, sleep disturbances, feeding difficulties due to torticollis, posture abnormalities and more. If left untreated, long-term issues can develop and continue undetected that are directly related to a child's growth and development.  

At LFC, physical examinations of pediatrics and kids involve analysis of primitive reflexes, posture, orthopedic tests to rule out issues such as hip dysplasia, cranial nerve reflexes, gross motor skill development, and much more.

Different stages of a child's life have different milestones we want to ensure are functioning normal.

We also encourage proper education for parents regarding care seats and rear facing, skull anatomy and development to prevent assymmetry, proper diapering techniques on a newborn's developing spine, and information regarding jumpers and saucers. 

Any aches, pains, or headaches experienced by a child needs to be recognized as abnormal and should not be dismissed. These children should be seen as soon as possible. 

It is also important to note that health cannot always be measured by how a child states they feel. Many problems do not necessarily have symptoms (much like a cavity in a tooth may not begin to bother someone until it has been there for many months).

The only way to truly know about your child's nerve function and spinal development is to get them checked by a chiropractor.



Q. Is chiropractic safe for infants and children?

    Yes! Chiropractic care is safe for people of all ages, including newborns. Infant and pediatric adjustments are very gentle and typically soothe a child. Dr. Kristen Simpson, DC has been receiving outside training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) specifically for the care of pediatrics. Her specialty and passion is for the kids and expecting mothers!

Q. Why should children get adjusted?

     Many people in today's generation are searching for proactive lifestyle habits that will benefit their family's health and prevent sickness and pain. Chiropractic care is an excellent choice for this as it allows the nervous system to function at its best.

Q. Will my child receive the same type of treatment as adults?

     No. Adjusting an infant or child is perfected with less force and is extremely gentle. There is no "popping" or "cracking" on an infant or young child's spine. Gentle mobilization techniques are used to correct a misalignment or spinal fixation. 

Q.   How often does a child need adjusted?

     The frequency of adjustments can vary from child to child. A thorough consultation and examination will allow Dr. Simpson to make the best recommendations for your child's care.