Health Insurances: Do you have coverage?


While nearly every major medical insurance carrier covers Chiropractic, it is important to know that we are selective of who we are in network with. See our current list of contracts below. 



In Network Provider:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal


TriWest Referral through VA for Veteran Disabilities

Coming Soon: ChiroHealth USA 

Should you need assistance in determining the cost of your care with an insurance company we are not in network with, we will contact each individual company regarding your personal out-of-provider network benefits for treatment. 



Q. When is chiropractic care covered by my health insurance? 

     Chiropractic care is covered by your health insurance plan if it is for acute (short-term) care such as for a recent injury, or for a condition where treatment offers lasting benefit or curative value. 

Q. Is there a certain amount of treatment that is covered?

     For most plans, the amount or length of treatment that is covered by insurance is not necessarily defined by the number of visits or types of treatment. Rather, the treatment is covered as long as it demonstrates significant, lasting, or progressive improvement to your condition.

Q. When is chiropractic care NOT covered by my health insurance plan?

     Chiropractic care is NOT covered by your health insurance plan when you reach a point in treatment where chronic symptoms remain stable or where you no longer show progress in reducing these chronic symptoms throughout chiropractic care. At this point, you have reached what is called "maitenance" care. 

Q. How will I know if I have reached the end of covered care? 

     Your chiropractic provider will let you know when you have reached a point of "maitenance" care and will discuss further care options. 

Q. What happens when I am determined to have reached the end of covered treatment but I still want to have regular chiropractic adjustments?

     You may continue maintenance treatment, but you must pay for it completely out-of-pocket. If you choose to receive chiropractic care beyond acute care, it is a cash service where you would be responsible for payment. Although we are huge advocates of preventative care and wellness, most insurance companies will only provide coverage for recent or new complaints. 

Q. How will I know the cost to me of maitenenace care?

     Prior to receiving maitenance care, your provider will have you sign a Financial Disclosure Form, letting you know in advance the costs of the elected services. Most out of pocket visits range from $40-$65. Should a new complaint begin or exacerbate, your insurance plan should resume coverage (see next question). 

Q. Is it possible to move from maitenance care back to chiropractic care covered by my insurance plan?

     If you have a new injury or exacerbation of an old one, your chiropractic care would again meet the criteria for acute care and would be covered by your health plan. Coverage would resume again until that condition has reached a plateau level and does not provide more lasting, curative value. 

Q. Who should I contact with questions?

     Please contact your health plan's customer service department for any specific questions regarding your benefit coverage. You can also contact us if you are unsure of what your benefits are such as a copay or coinsurance. Some people need to meet a deductible first before chiropractic care is covered.