Meet the Chiropractor

Nothing wins more than a body that can function the way it is designed to. The nervous system controls every function of every organ, muscle, and cell. It is, no doubt, the most crucial system in the body.” – Dr. Simpson


Dr. Kristen Simpson, DC & Owner of Life Family Chiropratic

Dr. Kristen Simpson, DC & Owner of Life Family Chiropratic

Dr. Kristen Simpson, DC was born and raised in the small town of Mound City, Missouri. She moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to obtain her Associate of Applied Science degree. She later moved to Overland Park, Kansas to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College.

Dr. Simpson focuses on family wellness chiropractic.  

She sees patients of all ages within families, from newborns to seniors. While in Chiropractic School, she took additional courses to aid in preventing the degenerative process that plague adults such as those with desk jobs to those who engage in manual labor as an occupation. Dr. Simpson has a strong passion for working with children and is one of a select few chiropractors in Leavenworth County to become specialized in pediatric/adolescent chiropractic care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Likewise, she took additional training to obtain her Webster Certification through ICPA to specifically treat prenatal women. Women under regular chiropractic care during their pregnancy report experiencing shorter and less painful labor as well as fewer complications associated with delivery. Dr. Simpson has taken basic acupuncture training courses and is also certified in RockTape to further serve her patients.

Dr. Simpson chose to open Life Family Chiropractic in Leavenworth, Kansas due to the smaller community she craves to connect with and within which to raise her own family.

She feels honored to serve a military embedded community and hungers to inspire others to take responsibility of their own health and wellness. She is committed to working hard to provide a safe and effective health care option for all families.

As part of her dedication to Life Family Chiropractic, Dr. Simpson firmly believes in paying it forward. In 2016, she went on a mission trip with Mission Life International to Haiti and Dominican Republic and is currently in the process of planning return trips. She provided free chiropractic care to underprivileged areas in these countries. Dr. Simpson adjusted over 750 people, including orphans and broken families as a result of the 2010 earthquake, which left 1,500,000 people homeless and killed over 300,000 individuals. Additionally, she incessantly engages in community activities by partnering with local charities and events. If you have any interest in inviting Dr. Simpson to speak or partner with, do not hesitate to visit to contact us

Meet Our Assistants




Liana is our front desk office manager that has been an amazing blessing here at Life Family Chiropractic. She was raised here in Leavenworth, Kansas and will be expecting her third child in October, 2017. In her spare time, Liana enjoys being active with her kids and family, coming to work, and staying involved in the community. She started originally coming to LFC as a patient, utilizing Chiropractic during her pregnancy. We are now honored to call her a part of our team as she has the perfect background as a Medical Assistant. Liana has amazing work ethics and loves to play with the kids and babies that walk through our doors. She will likely be one of the first people you will encounter on your journey in our office.